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Many of today's fashions have the addition of decorative trim and ornamentation.  While many of the materials used are serviceable, there are many that are not.

Sequins are usually circular, shiny discs applied to garments to increase the appeal of the garment. Unfortunately there are many possible problems with sequins depending on the material used to make them and the method in which they are attached to the garment.

Many colored coatings on sequins are only applied to the surface with an adhesive. The adhesive dissolves in the drycleaning process thus removing the color, the dye is then free to transfer to other parts of the garment.

Some sequins are made from a gelatinous material that is affected by heat in the pressing process or even sunlight which causes the sequins to cloud, melt or curl. Plastics are also used in the manufacture of the sequins and these often dissolve completely in the drycleaning solvent.

Sequins are often applied to the garment with a chain stitch which would unravel if the stitch is broken. They are often glued to the garment and may fall off due to friction from normal wear, or the glue may dissolve in the cleaning process resulting in a total loss of the sequins.