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When you take your garments to DRYCLEAN USA, be sure to notify our personnel of any stains on the clothing. Stains caused by beverages containing sugar, for example, may not be visible until the garment has been cleaned. By knowing the origin of a stain, stain removal and the cleaning process is less time consuming. Please note that the longer a stain sets in a garment, the harder it is to remove.

If you have a special request for service, please ask us!

Velvets are popular for cocktail or evening wear. The fabric pile may become flatted or distorted, especially in the seat and underarm areas. Acetate pile velvet is the least serviceable. Cotton, rayon and polyester fiber pile will resist flattening. Do not attempt any form of stain removal on velvet as the pile would become damaged permanently.

Fading occurs when the fabric is exposed to sunlight or artificial light . The color loss is very gradual and often goes undetected until the garment is cleaned or washed. Dyes used on silks, acetate, leathers and suedes are most susceptible to color loss or discoloration. Fading that occurs in home closets and on retail store racks is known as fume fading