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Today, the drycleaner's goal is to safely clean the fabric and preserve the color of the
garment.  A second aim is to restore the garment to a nearly new condition.  Drycleaning
is defined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the Care Label Rules as:

    - Use of a specially designed machine.
    - Use of a solvent.
    - Relative humidity levels up to 75 percent.
    - Tumble dry temperatures up to 160°F
    - Steam press or steam air finish.

A drycleaning machine is specially designed with respect to the chemical properties of the solvent being used while taking into account relative humidity and tumble dry temperatures.  Garments are put into a drycleaning machine when they are dry and are taken out when they are dry even though they come in contact with a solvent during the wash cycle.  Thus, garments are "drycleaned".  When clean garments are taken from a drycleaning machine, commercial steam presses and steam air finishers are used to press and finish the garments.

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