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Guide to DryCleaning
Drycleaning is crucial to the proper care and maintenance of a wide variety of garments. Although regular maintenance of a wide variety of garments. Although regular maintenance of your wardrobe is no small item, your own knowledge of drycleaning can bring can bring you more value for your clothing dollar. Shopping for clothes can be fun at the time, but the ones you buy may bring you frustration later if you forget maintenance costs. So the time to think about drycleaning is when you buy it.

Technology has greatly increased the range of fabrics, textures and colors of natural and man-made fabrics. Manufacturers have improved permanent press materials, pile fabrics, double knits and fake furs so that they are durable, cleanable and present few problems to the dry cleaner. Nevertheless, there is much you should know about the serviceability of fabrics.

There is no way to judge the color stability of a fabric by looking at it. Read care labels carefully and follow cleaning instructions. If the fabric fades in spite of your careful handling, complain to the retailer who sold you the garment.

Many luxurious fabrics lack durability and should be purchased only if you are aware of their limitations. These include cashmere, camel hair and lightweight, loosely woven wools, which have a tendency to snag and sag.