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DAPPER DAN now provides fur storage in our temperature controlled vaults!

The more time a fur coat spends in cold storage, the better. Please note the word “COLD”. Storing a fur at room temperature negates the most important benefit of fur storage. This is why… as temperature decreases (gets colder) molecules slow down. In biological materials, the less molecular activity, the slower the biodegradation process.

This same principle applies to the natural oils in fur and leather materials that keep them soft and pliable. Colder temperatures slow down the evaporation of these necessary oils in your fur garments. Once the oils are depleted from fur or leather it can tear as easily as tissue paper. With the understanding that colder temperatures protect fur and leather materials against deterioration and drying (as long as there is no risk of freezing), the experts advise that any temperature under 55°F is worthwhile and temperatures of less than 45°F are considered especially valuable to the preservation of fur and leather materials, with effectiveness increasing as temperatures decrease.