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DAPPER DAN understands that Formal Wear is a major investment and deserves a very special touch. We take special care so your formal wear will shine - spotless, bright and beautiful. Our services include:

Cleaning and Finishing: Our trained professionals thoroughly inspect each garment for spots, tears, or other problem areas requiring special attention. A gentle cleaning process is done which may include fluff drying depending on the garment. All garments are pressed and hand finished. Our processes brighten colors and refresh the textures of fine fabrics.

Finishing Only: This service is typically requested if a garment has been stored in a customer's closet for some time and they desire to freshen up the appearance of their formal wear for a special occasion. All garments are pressed and hand finished in order to bring them back to life.

Special Cleaning of Beads or Sequins: Some formal wear garments have a substantial amount of beads or sequins, and these items require hand cleaning and special finishing.

Heirlooming: After a wedding dress has been professionally cleaned and finished, our professionals shape and pack the gown and any accessories with tissue paper, and seal it in a special box with a window. The packaging prevents discoloration and ensures that the gown is protected during long-term storage.