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Press a garment if it's stained. The heat of pressing will set the stain in the fabric and possibly make it's removal impossible.

Hang knitted garments. Hanging stretches them out of shape and causes a sagging hemline. Knits are best stored in a drawer or folded over a padded hanger.

Use untested (or even tested) home stain removers. They can aggravate the condition of the fabric or may create permanent damage like color loss. Take the garment to DRYCLEAN USA for professional stain removal and cleaning..

Use nail polish remover to remove nail polish stains. This may damage the garment's dye. If the garment is an acetate, nail polish remover can create a hole in the fabric.

Store garments at home without having them cleaned and moth-proofed before storage. Be sure that the storage boxes or cedar chests used are kept in a cool dry place.